Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week of Training & Conferences

Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer Certification

Two days in Garden City, New York for the MIE training course and now I'm back and am certified to train other teachers!  The course began with an introduction into using Microsoft products in the classroom and for professional development.  I have to say, the word "FREE" really got my attention many times.

Microsoft OneNote was a big discussion point for the conference, especially because it is so versatile.  While it is not "Apple friendly" (I did ask), OneNote is available via a web app version once you sign up with Windows Live -- which I will talk about more in a little bit.

I am a devoted Apple girl, even though my school uses PCs.

So what did I learn at this conference?  TONS, which I will go into more later.

edJEWcon Conference 2012

Three day conference in Jacksonville, Fl completely centered around Jewish education and using 21st century tools!  Today is Twitter, tomorrow hopefully I will get to go to the session titled "Improving Student Writing Through Blogging" -- something which my students are already doing, followed by Blogfolios, and lastly on Tuesday, Pinterest which I am super excited for since I already use it!

I'll keep you all posted.  We got some great new technology for the school; a flip camera, an iPad, and an iPod Touch.