Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Paws on Paper -- Make your own Raised Line Paper

I love to write and doodle, but as a kid I was a perfectionist and I never listened to my teacher about how to hold my pencil. Today, while I do have handwriting that looks like it has been typed, I definitely think listening and learning to write the correct way would make my hands less stiff after writing for awhile.

Today MEAD along with many other companies has special paper available to purchase that helps students with staying in the lines. During student teaching, my cooperating teacher made her own paper which was great for the kids because it was designed to help them with their writing. I've seen houses like the one below, the Cat and the Hat and even a tree. Personally I would like to make my own and design it to look like a dog house. But that will be in the future when I am teaching Kindergarten, 1st or 2nd grade.

Raised line paper is an excellent tool for teaching, but can be a litte expensive. Luckily, if you have the time and patience, you can easily make your own by using some of these tricks:

1. Glue: Glue the lines of the paper and let dry for 24 hours. Use colored glue to highlight the lines. Use red and green colored glue to create your own "stop and go" lined paper.

2. Puffy Paint: Apply puffy paint to the lines, it will add dimension.

3. Wax String (Wikki Stix): Put wax string sticks along the lines of the paper. These are great because they are reusable.

4. Rubber Bands: Put a lined worksheet on a clipboard and wrap rubber bands around the board. Then tell the students to write between the rubber bands.

5. Embossing: My favorite. Use an embossing tool and on the back, press down and raise the lines on the front of the paper.