Monday, March 19, 2012

Engaged to the love my life! I'm PAWSITIVELY ecstatic!

Friday night, March 9th, 2012 @ 5:45pm after my hair appointment, I walk in the door to my apartment and I see the most adorable little puppy at the door going crazy with excitement (when his tail wags, his whole body wags).  I look up at Scott and say "Is this for me?"  He says "Yes."  He did tell me that he was getting me an anniversary present WE would both love, but I did not expect a puppy (since we were planning on getting one over the Summer).
Engagement Ring
Will You Marry Us?
While getting tons and tons of doggy kisses, I look over and my boyfriend (now my fiance), he tells me to look at his tag. So I do, well actually I try, the little furball is still super excited and just wants to keep kissing my face.I can barely read the tag with the dog moving so much. As he gets down on knee, I see him pull out a gorgeous ring, out of the most perfect box, and says "Will you marry me?"  My heart was beating so fast!  Of course I said "Yes!"  I love him soo much and his proposal was perfect!  After putting on the gorgeous ring and giving him many kisses, he tells me to look at the dog's collar (The dog has finally calmed down enough). Finally, I see it says "Will you marry us?"  Isn't that the sweetest thing ever!

Filly -- my Shih Tzu/Terrier

It gets better.....awhile back I had shown him this cat commercial with the proposal on the collar, but apparently, he had already thought of doing this before I had even shown it to him!  He is such a romantic.  What's amazing is that he was able to keep it from me this long.  He actually bought the ring back in December!  The funny part is that we went to look at rings again in February, and were planning to go again in March/April.  I had no idea that he had already bought it!  He had convinced me that we were going to get engaged on my birthday!

As for the adopting a puppy, apparently he has been visiting the puppy for the past 3 weeks (telling me that he is working late) so he could get him ready to take home!   I am soo excited to be engaged to the love of my life!  Scott is an amazing fiance and my best friend.  Someone I completely trust and am soo excited to be able to spend the rest of my life with him. <3

Ring Balloon -- Bling Bling